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Pacman DX APK: A New Level of Competition

Over the years, Pacman grew into a more competitive game as players would showcase they outstanding skills and go on a somewhat arcade-hopping fest. Due to its popularity, playing the game in public would easily enable a feud as to who is the best on it. This is why developers have created a fast-paced, vibrantly colored Pacman championship edition for avid players to push their skills to the limit. If you want to take a shot at this magnificent version of Pacman, then you have to download the Pacman DX APK in order for you to download it on to your Android device.

Download Pacman DX APK

An International Showdown

On the 5th of June 2007, the world witnessed a competition like no other. Ten competitors from eight countries were lucky enough to be chosen to battle in the first ever Pacman World Championship. The tournament was held on the beautiful city that never sleeps, New York. Compared to the conventional portrait mode that the game always is, the developers chose to have the game in landscape. This gives out the illusion of much more space to roam in and out.

The Complex Gameplay

Pacman DX APKThe Pacman Championship Edition DX is merely an indirect follow up to the Pacman Championship Edition and closely builds upon the gameplay of the previous game. Here a player is to control Pacman through a maze, with the goal of collecting dots and of course to avoid those ghosts. Much like the original game, those ghosts can be converted into edibles once power pellets are consumed.

If a player manages to collect all of the dots on one side, a fruit would appear on the other side. Once consumed, fruits give out points that range from low to high. The speed of the game hastens once points accumulate but drops if player losses a life so caution is crucial. The DX version introduces new ghosts which sleeps on one spot of the maze and only awakens and follows once Pacman passes nearby.

Even More Ghosts

Compared to the previous Pacman wherein a limited amount of ghosts are seen, as mentioned earlier, there are sleeping ghosts that are new to the DX version. Passing by a series of sleeping ghosts would leave a rainbow-colored trail of which could be converted to points once the player manages to consume a power pellet and eat them all.

Some of the ghosts have an additional power pellet within which could extend the power-up state if you manage to eat them quickly. A cool slow-motion effect would automatically happen once a ghost gets too close to Pacman. This enables players a split-second chance to avoid getting killed. Bombs can also be utilized in order to send ghosts back to the center of the maze. However, this process slows the game’s speed and lowers the dot multiplier as well.

The Different Game Modes

There are mainly three game modes in Pacman DX. The first mode is called Time Attack, which is composed of several short trials and one long trial wherein the goal is to acquire certain amounts of fruits as fast as possible. The next mode is called the Score Attack where the main goal is to get the highest points possible within a limited time frame. Usually, the games in Score Attack range from 5 minutes to 10 minutes.Download Pacman DX APK

The last game mode is Ghost Combo wherein players have to stay powered up and consume as many ghosts that they can. All of the said modes are really fun to play as the colorfully revamped view of Pacman DX changes it all. The game has nine courses that include the maze from the Pacman Championship Edition as sleeping ghosts are absent on that one.

The Various Visual Styles

The game has undergone an overhaul compared to the earlier versions of the game. Although it appears that most of it has been changed, Pacman DX still never fails to entertain as it has gained positive reviews. All of the designs and changes have been somewhat driven from some of the other versions of Pacman. One of which is from Pac-Mania as it can closely be compared to it.

The added slow-motion effect works like a charm because that split second time can mean life or death in this deadly munching feast. Players can take advantage of this and evade ghost for ghost and gather as many points as they can. The players of the game also have the option to get updated via the NG news feature. Here, various articles can be seen, such as developer interviews along with abundant video replays of the highest-ranking score attack players in the game.

Why Download the Pacman DX APK?

APK is an abbreviation for Application Package Kit that simply compresses a certain amount of files that are then extracted on to your Android Phone. Most installers are made as APKs and one of them is the Pacman DX APK. At this point, if you are already far from intrigued and wanting to get your hands on playing this awesome version of Pacman, then you have to download the Pacman DX APK.

You could choose are to which device you want to play through. As long as it is an Android Device, then you are good to go. The Pacman DX APK is trusted and would never fail to entertain you with the Pacman Championship feel that it brings. The Pacman DX APK is a life saver for those who are willing to spend loads of cash just to play the game.

Play straight from your homes, as you travel along the train, or where ever you want to go as the Pacman DX APK allows you to play the game on your preferences. Be amazed by the different features that the game offers and what has been changed too. The sleeping ghosts are just one addition that is a must try. Go out and set long chains of ghosts to create massive combos and rank up your scores to the top.Download Pacman DX APK

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