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Pacman APK: An All-Time Legend

A game that has been widely popular since the early 1980’s and even up to this date is Pacman. The game’s fame has brought billions of dollars in revenue and has been labeled as one of the highest-grossing video games of all-time. Pacman was released on May 22, 1980, in Japan and was then released by Midway on October 26, 1980, for the United States to enjoy. Feast yourselves and enjoy this heavy munching game by downloading the Pacman APK right now.

Download Pacman APK

The Development of the Pacman Arcade

Drawing back to the early 1970’s, Namco has specialized in kiddie rides for department stores in Japan. The founder of Namco, namely Masaya Nakamura, saw the huge potential of video games and then slowly started to focus on that thereafter. He started off with electromechanical arcade games such as the F1. Then he began to hire a number of software engineers for him to develop their own video games to compete with other companies.

Pacman was one of the pioneer games that were developed by this new department in Namco, of which was developed primarily by one young employee. Toru Iwatani was that young man and over a period of a year, he and eight other employees developed such a game that was focused on eating. The games name was derived from a Japanese onomatopoeic phrase paku-paku taberu which describes the movement of the mouth that opens and closes.

The Game’s Reception

Download Pacman APKAs the game was first launched in Japan in 1980, it received a moderate response from Space Invaders along with other similar shooting games were the popular ones. However, the massive success that Pacman achieved in North America left the competitors completely in awe. Pacman quickly became super popular than anything seen in the video game industry to the point where it overtook Asteroids being the best selling game in North America at that time.

Pacman grossed over 1 billion US dollars in quarters within a year and by the end of 1980, it even surpassed the revenue grossed by the highest grossing film at that time, Star Wars. According to statistics, 60% of the players were women due to the game’s lack of violence. Within 18 months of the game’s release, they managed to sell more than 350,000 Pacman arcade cabinets worldwide. At an average price of $2400 each, the sales would amount to around 1 billion US dollars.

Pacman APKTowards the end of the 20th century, Pacman’s total gross consumer revenue had been estimated to be more than 10 billion quarters which amounts to 2.5 billion US dollars, thus making it the highest-grossing video game of all-time. In 2016, it was calculated that Pacman’s machines’ inflation-adjusted takings amounted to 7.8 billion US dollars.

So what is an APK?

Playing the game on the conventional way would require you to spend a lot of quarters as the game has been developed mostly for arcade machines. Although it has been one unforgettable experience playing on such vintage machines, it is another experience to play it on to your Android device. APK stands for Application Package Kit and was developed solely for the millions of Android users. What this does is merely compressing a certain amount of files which could then be extracted on to your Android phone.

It also acts as the converter as files are read mainly for Android devices. With the Pacman APK, you would be able to try the game out on to a screen size of your choosing. It is upon your preference as to what type of device would you install the game. As long as it is running on Android, then you are good to go.

Are there any Risks Involved?

The main risk of downloading APKs is the possible carriage of malware or viruses. Since they are not authorized by Google Play, mistakenly downloading a malicious file could greatly cause harm on to your device. This is why you need to download the Pacman APK right here. You must only download APKs on reputable sources to eliminate the risk for any possible virus transmission on to your mobile phone.

The Pacman APK enables you to download the file in a smaller size and easily deleting it after installation of the game in order to free out space. Being an installer, it is not required to have the file lying dormant on your Android phone so it would be best to delete it after. The only thing you have to consider is to download only from trusted sources such as the Pacman APK.

Is the Pacman APK a must have?

You cannot play the game without downloading the Pacman APK as this would allow you to install the game and have it run on to a modern device. It is indeed a must have as you could play the game anytime on the go. Play wherever you want and even share it with your friends. You could compete with one another, much like what people used to do back then.

Aiming for higher scores by evading the ghosts and smartly consuming the power pellets would enable you to win the game. You could even break your own record as you play along. Be sure to stay focused and play when you are lightheaded as having a headache could contribute on to your failure. Though playing after a whole day from work would help relieve the stress driven from work. The Pacman APK is quite essential to have as it is also not that heavy to download.

The Verdict: Having the Pacman APK would allow gamers to access the ever famous Pacman straight from their seats. There would be no need to drop quarters and stand in front of an arcade machine as you could play the game with your hand-held Android device. As long as your mobile phone or tablet is running on Android, it would be easy to install the game. With that being said, you could now bring back the many memories brought about by the Pacman APK.Download Pacman APK

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