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Ms Pacman APK: The Better Half

Arcade games were prominent back then on the so-called “Golden Age” times which was on the late 70’s to the early 80’s. Having access to non-stop pellet-eating mazes in exchange for a coin is a big revolution on those times. Ms. Pacman was produced by Midway Manufacturing Corporation who is the publisher of Pacman in North America. For you to play this epic vintage game, you need to download the Ms. Pacman Apk first.

Download Ms. Pacman APK

The Simple Yet Complex Gameplay

Ms. Pacman APKAlthough the controls are pretty straightforward, there are some additions on Ms. Pacman that they have added. The gameplay is retained to that of the original such as the point system where you earn points by eating pellets and avoiding ghosts while doing such. However, there are a certain number of lives and you lose a life when you get contact with ghosts.

Powerups are available for players to get but they are situated in locations that are hard to reach. If you eat an energizer it would cause the ghost to turn into blue making them edible for you to earn extra points when successfully eaten. Now, the game has four different mazes that appear in various color schemes and then alternates once each of the game’s intermissions is viewed.

The Many Changes from the Original

Download Ms. Pacman APKWith regards to the walls, they have a rather solid form or outline, enabling novices to have easy access through paths around the mazes. The behavioral pattern for ghosts is different now as they include a semi-random movement that prevents the use of patterns in clearing rounds. The fruits now bounce randomly compared to the original where they appear on to the center of the maze.

The sound effects have also been revamped as they differ from the original. A death sound effect has also been added up. Some more changes are quite evident and can be viewed as soon as you download and install the Ms. Pacman APK.

The Various Ports or Machines

Just like most arcade games, Ms. Pacman has also been ported on to different platforms. Coleco released a mini-arcade tabletop version back in 1983 and was later awarded the year after with the Certificate of Merit as runner-up for “Stand-Alone Game of the Year” at the Arcade Awards. Nintendo also wanted to have their hands on to this amazing game so they ported it also on to the Nintendo Entertainment System or NES and also to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System or SNES.

A version of it was also been made available to Mega Drive or Genesis, which sold more than one million copies in the United States alone. The Genesis version of the game was among the top 20 of the best-selling games of Genesis.

Awards and Recognitions

In 1992, Next Generation, who is a reputable gaming magazine, ranked Ms. Pacman as number 12 on their Top 100 Games of All Time. They stated that it has aged far better compared to the original Pacman due to their brilliant ghosts, various mazes, intermissions, and even moving fruits. In 2009, Game Informer has listed the game as the Top 10 of their Top 200 Games of All Time.

The game became the Most Successful American-produced Arcade Game on the year 1982 as it sold around 115,000 arcade cabinets worldwide. If you are intrigued as to how the game really rolls, then you need to download the Ms. Pacman APK right now.

What is an APK?

You might be wondering what an APK is so to make it crisp and clear, it is merely an Application Package Kit that is suitable for Android Users. With that being said, applications can be transferred from device to device with the help of this somewhat converter. It reduces the file size but later allows it to open up again on to its usual file size after opening and installing.

If you do not have an Android device and rather on the Apple or iOS, there is an alternative to this. It is called the IPA which stands for the iOS App Store Package. Both are similar but Android users do have the strong advantage when it comes to playing such vintage games as the Ms. Pacman APK is readily available to install and enjoy.

Why download the Ms. Pacman APK now?

The game would not be called a Best-Seller if users are dissatisfied with it right? Ms. Pacman is a renovated version of the original Pacman. Although it retains much of what the original version has to offer, it is quite excellent due to the difficulty that has been added on to it. If you are hungry for a challenge, then the Ms. Pacman APK is a must to download for you.

Compared to the hassles of early times where you need to constantly drop quarters on to the arcade machines, you are now given the option to have the game straight on to your Android Device. The Ms. Pacman APK is a lightweight file to download. In just a matter of minutes, you would be able to experience the game that every Pacman enthusiast is talking about.

The Verdict: Although the game has been created exceeding the contact of the developers, it has made quite an impact on the fans of the game. Now that the real creators of the original Pacman already own Ms. Pacman, then all of the troubles have been cleared on both parties. Merely being gamers, these conflicts should not be that much of our concern. As long as high-quality versions are produced, all we have to do is to try them out and enjoy.

The Ms. Pacman APK caters non-stop munching directly to your Android Device. Experience an extreme Pacman game right now by downloading the Ms. Pacman APK file. It would only take a few minutes to download this must have filed. The Ms. Pacman APK file is trusted by the fans of the Pacman series. If you want to burn those extra hours that you have on your weekend, then the Ms. Pacman APK would be the solution to it.Download Ms. Pacman APK

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