Pacman APK

Pacman APK: An All-Time Legend

A game that has been widely popular since the early 1980’s and even up to this date is Pacman. The game’s fame has brought billions of dollars in revenue and has been labeled as one of the highest-grossing video games of all-time. Pacman was released on May 22, 1980, in Japan and was then released by Midway on October 26, 1980, for the United States to enjoy. Feast yourselves and enjoy this heavy munching game by downloading the Pacman APK right now.

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Pacman DX APK

Pacman DX APK: A New Level of Competition

Over the years, Pacman grew into a more competitive game as players would showcase they outstanding skills and go on a somewhat arcade-hopping fest. Due to its popularity, playing the game in public would easily enable a feud as to who is the best on it. This is why developers have created a fast-paced, vibrantly colored Pacman championship edition for avid players to push their skills to the limit. If you want to take a shot at this magnificent version of Pacman, then you have to download the Pacman DX APK in order for you to download it on to your Android device.

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Ms Pacman APK

Ms Pacman APK: The Better Half

Arcade games were prominent back then on the so-called “Golden Age” times which was on the late 70’s to the early 80’s. Having access to non-stop pellet-eating mazes in exchange for a coin is a big revolution on those times. Ms. Pacman was produced by Midway Manufacturing Corporation who is the publisher of Pacman in North America. For you to play this epic vintage game, you need to download the Ms. Pacman Apk first.

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