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Pacman ROM: A Non-Stop Munching Feast

Arcade games were prominent in the late 80’s as it showcased entertaining games that were readily displayed on to the many. One of the many games that rose to fame and remained famous up to this day is Pacman. The game was developed by the Japanese company Namco and was released in Japan in the year 1980. Midway Games was then able to license it for release to the United States on October of the said year. It became widely popular and was even a social phenomenon so if you want to experience this game right now, you need to download the Pacman ROM and install it on to your device.

Download Pacman ROM

The Legendary Gameplay

Pacman is a king when it comes to arcade games and this was all due to its well-thought gameplay. A player has to navigate through a specified maze of which contains dots and are commonly known as Pac-Dots. All you need to do is to munch and eat all of those dots, the dilemma you would be facing is the four ghosts that guard the maze.

These ghosts are multicolored and have names too. The main goal is to accumulate points by eating the dots thus completing the stage. You are not alone as the ghosts say as their goal is to kill the Pac-man. Once you make contact with any of the ghosts, you will lose a life. If all lives are depleted, then the game would be over.

How to Beat the game

Apart from trying to avoid the ghosts, how could you beat the game? Pac-man is awarded a bonus life once 10,000 points are reached. So along with the common evading from ghosts, you need to accumulate points too. However, the life reward system is not unlimited as the maximum life is set to five. Nevertheless, it is quite hard not to lose a life in the game so you will use these lives along the journey.

Pacman ROMIf you would take a close look at some of the mazes in the game, there are four larger flashing dots near the corners. These dots are called Power Pellets and are a key lifesaver in most instances. By eating one, it allows you to eat the ghosts instead. Digesting ghosts give up extra points too so the more ghosts you eat then the more points and extra lives you get. These power-ups are limited though so you need to use them wisely.

Refrain from eating two power pellets at a short time because it would usually result in you having lower chances of winning. Once you eat an enemy ghost, their eyes would remain on the center box of the maze. These ghosts do regenerate over time so you need to act quickly or else they will haunt you and catch you in the long run. Fruits are also vital as they could give points ranging from 100 to as much as 5,000 so try to eat them too.

The Furious Ghosts

Download Pacman ROMThe enemies in the game, as mentioned earlier, are called Ghosts but they do have their own names and personality. A novice would take these ghosts are purely random ghosts with the same function but they have been created with different colors as they are strictly deterministic. If you play the game repeatedly, you could take advantage by considering the personality of the ghost. It was created as such in order for the game to be far from being impossible to defeat and of course being a boring one as well.

Although you have to avoid all of them, the ghost which you surely need to be far from is the red one as it is programmed to chase you. The pink ghost has the tendency to aim for a position in front of the mouth of Pacman. The blue ghost is quite fickle and could sometimes even head away from you instead of charging right towards you. The orange ghost, on the other hand, is claimed to be somewhat random but in actuality, it behaves more like the red one when situated on a certain distance from you and even aims towards the lower left corner of the maze when it gets close to you.

Midway has used both “Monsters” and “Ghosts” to describe them but they were more known as ghosts after some technical limitations in the Atari 2600 versions caused the enemies to flicker and seem more of a ghost. Since then, they were referred to as ghosts in English. A lot of fun can be squeezed out from this juicy game so you need to download the Pacman ROM right now to try it out too.

The Massive Merchandise

Pacman became immensely popular back in the days which resulted in heavy merchandise sales. It became an icon of the video game culture during the year 1980 so they have also created various products ranging from toys, t-shirts, and even specially shaped pasta. In the year 1983, General Mills has even manufactured a cereal named Pacman. As time passed, different characters from the other sequels have been added up as well.

An animated TV series was released in 1982 and was produced by Hanna-Barbera which lasted for a year. In 2013, a TV show called Pac-man and the Ghostly Adventures was released on Disney XD on June of that year.

Why download the Pacman ROM?

Apart from playing the game from an old arcade machine, which is almost non-existent on most arcade shops today, you could opt for the conventional and cheaper option which is downloading the Pacman ROM. With the Pacman ROM, you would be able to experience non-stop munching fever straight from your hand-held device.

If you do not have such a device, clearly purchasing a new one is way cheaper than having a bulky arcade machine. You also would not need to stand in front of an arcade machine but instead, with the Pacman ROM, you would sit back or even lay back with comfort on to your couch or bed hassle-free. Download the Pacman ROM right now and be entertained for countless hours.

Download Pacman ROM